Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Night at the Warwick Drive-In

Warwick Drive-In
Thursday, July 5th, 2018
Warwick, NY

Shot on assignment for the Times Herald-Record

They come by the car loads, lining up hours before show time all to experience a fleeting piece of Americana, the drive-in. According to Warwick Drive-In owner, Beth Seeber-Wilson, there are only 320 drive-ins left and her family owned and operated 3 screened open air theater is one of them.
The Warwick Drive-In originally opened in 1950 with just one screen, and slowly expanded to the three screened drive-in we know today in the 1980's after Seeber-Wilson's father took over the business in 1977, buying it from Charlie Finger. She and her sister spent summers growing up at the drive-in, working concessions and eventually ended up buying the business from her father 1995. Over time the Warwick Drive-In has witnessed thousands of first dates, quite a few marriage proposals and even hosted a wedding.

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