Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Paul Jr. Designs

Paul Jr. Designs
Montgomery, NY
March mm?, 2019

Not many people can say that they own a Goodyear Zeppelin, but Paul Teutul Jr. certainly can.

American Choppers fans come from across the globe to see motorcycles created on the show, such as the famed Yankees bike made for former Yankee catcher Jorge Posada. However once they stroll into Paul Teutul Jr.'s Paul JrDesigns showroom in the Village of Montgomery, they also get a peek into transportation history through Teutul's vintage and antique collection displayed throughout the shop.

He wasn't always a history buff, but the motorcycle design reality star soon found himself weeding through the internet, picking through local vintage and historic finds. Among his prized possessions include a preproduction prototype of the Goodyear USS Akron zeppelin and an original postal cart from from the early 1900's. Another unique find among his transportation history archives also features a pair of small model cars resting on an old decorated military footlocker. The retro models come from the relatively unheard of Airmobile, a three-wheeled car made by PaulLewis in the 1930's that never managed to catch on with investors. 

The collection is unique thanks to one stipulation that Paul Jr. sticks by when he's searching; it must be an untouched original piece. 

"What's most important to me is they've never been touched. Since the factory touched them no one's ever touched them since, no one's taken them apart, no one's repainted them and to me that's, that's what I absolutely love." Teutul Jr. says.    

The Paul JrDesigns showroom is open from 10am-6pm Monday to Sunday. You can also catch Teutul with his father Paul Teutul Senior building custom motorcycles on American Chopper Tuesday's at 10pm on the Discovery Channel.