Friday, February 15, 2013

I Got a New Body - Part 1

A new camera body that is..... And well sort of new at that....

So unfortunately my Nikon D300 has been acting up a bit with some random mirror lock up issues, but it has exceeded its average shutter actuation life and has been a great camera up until now. So in order for me to continue being a working photographer while I send out my D300 for repairs it was time for me to purchase a new/used camera body. So with the help of my brother and many many Craigslist ads later I finally found a reasonably priced Nikon D700 body. After taking a trip down to the city to pick it up I decided to take it for a test spin at a few different locations in various lighting conditions.

First up was a wee trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which I always love to explore. A little note though, if you haven't been before plan to spend a great portion of your day here as there is a lot to see. Also like many of the larger museums in New York City, the admission price listed is a suggested donation price. Now I'm not saying to totally stiff the museum, but if you're poor like me, it's a great way to spend an inexpensive afternoon in the city.

To learn more about the Met, click HERE.

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