Saturday, January 14, 2012

It socks to be me...

Apparently once a knitter learns how to knit proficiently from a scarf all-the-way to a pair of gloves, the next level up is socks. Although I attempted to learn how to knit socks about a year ago I was more frustrated than rewarded and only ended up with one sad looking deformed sock, and despite the hype in the knitting community declaring that knitting socks were a kin to catnip within the feline community, I just didn't quite get it. And so my sad looking sock sat in my one of my yarn stash bins alone and neglected, then one day after knitting a massive amount of mittens and fingerless gloves (something that I got rather addicted to since they worked up super fast) I decided to once more delve into sock territory.

After a quick trip to my local yarn store, Out of the Loop and picking up a skein of Cascade 220 wool, I found a super easy pattern from Ravelry and a couple of youtube videos later I made a sock! However I'm still not sold on their addicted nature quite yet. Although I have to admit I do enjoy turning a heel or two...

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