Thursday, August 15, 2013

Norwegian Breakaway Cruise to Bermuda Part 2

Before I do an entire tour of the ship (it's a whole lot of photos) I thought I'd do a short review of our room, a standard balcony cabin room number 11816.

Sharing the room with my parents, I didn't really have complaints as to the size, it was plenty roomy for a cruise ship bedroom for three adults (at night the couch converted into a rather comfy bed that I slept on and there was still plenty of room to be had), not to mention plenty of storage space available. The balcony was also just fine as well, my only complaint of the room was the wee step up to the very spacious bathroom. There were a multitude of times that I, and my parents as well, tripped over that step going in to use the bathroom and thusly stubbed our toes which resulted in shall we say some frustrated words. 

Also I should mention, as a measure to be more eco friendly, Norwegian came up with a system to save energy more efficiently. Between the door and the bathroom (unfortunately I didn't take a photo of it) there's another key slot with a dummy key in it and when the key is inserted all the way into the slot it turns on the lights and air conditioning. So when you get into your cabin room and the lights aren't turning on, just remember to make sure the card is all the way down before calling the front desk.

And lastly a quickie tour of the room, one of these days I'll remember to take photos before unpacking. . .

The next post will be the rest of my review and the photo tour of the ship so stay tuned!

For more photos of my Norwegian Breakaway cruise to Bermuda click HERE.

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