Sunday, April 27, 2014

Las Vegas Day 4

Las Vegas

Day 4
The Strip, Paris and Penn&Teller

It's been awhile since I've posted so I'm going to keep this one short and sweet and let the photos speak for themselves for the most part. 

My last full day in Vegas was spent leisurely strolling up and down the strip, checking out the last few free attractions that I had yet to see. 

First up in the day was a stop at the Flamingo to check out, well you guessed it, the flamingos and then I was off to the Bellagio Conservatory for their epic garden show (however, I should have done this on my first night while I was at the Bellagio, since it was incredibly crowded at noon on Saturday). Then as the afternoon was growing late and I decided to walk back to the Luxor to freshen up before dinner, I unexpectedly found a Liberace museum at The Cosmopolitan Hotel, which wasn't officially open yet, however everything was behind large glass windows so it wasn't hard to see Liberace's bombastic flare on display.

After quickly changing I made my way to the Paris Hotel for one of the best buffet's I've ever had. There's a definitely a bit of a wait time, but the food, complimentary glass of wine, moderate price and atmosphere more than makes up for that (not to mention it's also way cheaper than the highly touted Caesar's Palace buffet). Before I knew it, I had to run in order to make sure that I would make it to the Rio in time to see Penn & Teller. 

I arrived early enough to go up on stage, along with the rest of the audience who were all invited to inspect a prop that was to be used later in the show, which was pretty cool. I might add that while this is going on, Penn and pal Mike Jones play music on stage until the show starts. Now as a fan of Penn & Teller's Bullshit, the show was great and I got to see one of my favorite tricks (the goldfish and coins one) performed live on stage and afterwards Penn and Teller both come out to greet fans and have photos taken as they leave.

The next day I woke up late, dropped my luggage with the concierge and explored the Excalibur Hotel and virtually gorged myself on breakfast, which kept me full for the entire Virgin America flight back home to NY. All in all, Vegas made for a fantastic birthday vacation!  

The Bellagio

Walking around the Luxor

Penn & Teller after the show at the Rio Hotel

Additional Las Vegas Strip Shots

The ever famous Luxor Sphinx with the light from the pyramid shining from behind.

Oh I should add that after happily snapping away at the Luxor Sphinx, I refilled my cup at EveningCall with a deliciously refreshing strawberry daiquiri, complete with an extra shot and made my though the casino and up to my room. The perfect end to the night.  

Thanks for reading!