Monday, November 26, 2012

Adventures in Lace Knitting Part 1

I've been dabbling in lace knitting and decided to make something a little larger than a swatch or wash cloth and embarked on making a scarf. After looking around on Ravelry and securing some yarn I decided on the Foreign Correspondent pattern created by raveler Lexy Lu.

It was a fun pattern that I could quickly memorize and take with me, however if you're the kind of crafter who likes to watch a movie or tv show or listen to some podcasts while creating something, then be sure to pay extra attention to what you're doing. Although this is an easy pattern, there are couple of times I ended up repeating the wrong row, and after all the YO's (yarn over) and K2Tog's (knit two together), I really didn't want to go back and rip those rows out.

Although it's a wee bit on the short side (I ran out of yarn), I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out and plan on making another one.