Friday, August 30, 2013

2013 Dutchess County Fair

I'd imagine that going to the Dutchess County Fair on week day in the afternoon would be like going to Disney World in winter after the holidays; there are a lot of people, but it's not painstakingly crowded. The lines weren't long, it wasn't filled with half as many screaming children demanding ice cream in the broiling heat as their parents starts to lose their cool and most of all it was just plain pleasant if you didn't look at the price of fair food.

After a couple of assignments from the newspaper on Thusday and hardly any traffic, I strolled right up to the gate and naturally my first stop was naturally for a 4-H milkshake before walking around and taking in the sites, both new, but mainly old. Although I love the county fair it would be nice for a few more new exhibits to be shown each year.

A couple of highlights included some rather large, what I'm guessing are draft horses, the dock dogs and paying a visit to the antique section to see a bit of history while being terrified of the creepy mannequins that are on display.

Anyhoo, I didn't take too many photos this year, but I'll share a few now:

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