Tuesday, July 10, 2012

San Diego Part 1

After sadly departing the Celebrity Millennium, it was time for a little vacation from the vacation and I got to make a small pit stop in San Diego for a few days and explore again. I've been to San Diego once before, and it never gets old, always something to see and beautiful, it's a great city and quite frankly I wish I was there now getting ready for Comic Con.

Photo taken with a Holga on 120mm film.

Photo taken with a Holga on 120mm film.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

On Board the Celebrity Millenium Headed for the Panama Canal Part 3

This is where the age demographic of a two week transoceanic cruise becomes obvious. . .

Bar Services


One of two of my only complaints about this cruise concerns the bar service, which was great, and depending on where you got your drinks, they were pretty strong and well made. Despite the great and attentive service, I would've love for there to have been a happy hour (there was one on the previous cruise I took with my family on Princess) with half priced drinks. My guess as to why Celebrity skimps on this is that since they cater to an older crowd who don't really mind spending an extra penny or two, or probably don't imbibe too heavily, they decided to skip the happy hour to turn over a bigger profit.

For a little show with your drink, I definitely recommend stopping by the Crush, their new martini bar complete with an iced over bar surface to cool your drinks and scribble messages into the ice. They bartenders also put on a great show spinning bottles a-la Cocktails style.


"Hi Steve!"



Barry John

On a cruise which is mainly comprised of people 60 years old and over and when you're one of only a handful of younger twenty somethings that sit near the stage you'll almost definitely be called on to participate by the talent on stage. Such was the case of my cousin Nick and Barry John the Juggler, being young and spry he was able to put on a show. It doesn't stop there however, once your time on stage is over, you become a minor celebrity throughout the duration of your cruise. Ranking up adoring elderly fans, my cousin virtually had a wee fan club by the time we docked in San Diego.

 Nick Lewin


Crew Talent Show

The House Band

Cooking Competition

Other Talents Around the Ship

Overall the cruise ship entertainment for the Celebrity Millennium would be excellent if you're of the baby boomer and older crowd. If you're younger and don't quite dig the musical montages of Doo Wop and oldies with long winded dance numbers like myself, pay a visit to the bar first it'll make it more enjoyable.