Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So for the past five days I've had to put my knitting aside to work on a movie as a script supervisor once more despite my love for working in the camera department. The movie (filmed in sections, the latter chunk of filming will take place in Ohio over the summer) is called Looking for the Jackalope, a story about Jordan Sterling, an author and divorcee who is stuck in a rut and still hung up on his old college sweetheart Jennifer. Then fate strikes and an invitation for his 20th college reunion arrives in the mail, and who else calls to confirm if he'll be going to the reunion, but Jennifer herself, so Jordan hastily packs his bag and begins his trek to meet up with his college buddy Dr. Jim, who is also going, and as cliche as this will sound, hilarity ensues.

Now, despite my last truly horrid experience as being a scripty, short term for Script Supervisor, I swore I'd never do it again due to not having an actual script, monitor or that certain lack of decorum from particular individuals on that last set. However after reading this script, I got my pens, markers, camera and continuity log ready for the first day of shooting. Difficult at times and as always accompanied with frustrating moments (as on any production), it was an interesting experience with a fun crew and I can't wait to see the end result.

Here are a few stills from shooting around various parts of Manhattan, my favorite set, by the way, had to be Jordan's literary agent's office which was located in Union Square, the amount of natural light flooding in through the windows just enhanced the beautiful set dressing done by our production design team.

For more information on Looking for the Jackalope and how you can help, can click HERE.

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