Sunday, February 12, 2012

Alice in Wonderland at the Players Theatre

I had the chance to shoot some production stills for the Players Theatre production of Alice in Wonderland yesterday and it was splendid. Although I may have a slight bias due to my love for the story, this was a fresh take on classic tale that was delightful in every sense. Although the scenery was sparse, the projections in the background added a little abstract spice, which was matched by the casts fantastic singing and acting; the stylized costumes were a real delight as well.

I would definitely recommend checking out this show which runs from today, February 12th until May 20th, it's a good time for all, plus if you're a Whovian like I am, there's an added bonus which you'll just have to wait and see the show and secretly have a nerdy giggle when you realize it.





 For more information on where, how and when to see the show check out there website here:

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