Monday, April 22, 2013

Picking Anthony's Nose

In full disclosure dear reader, I am far from being a skinny, fit and in shape kinda gal and I'm hoping to curb that this summer. A year and a half ago when I started this blog and left for 9 incredible days in Hawaii, I was a hell of a lot slimmer, not thin, but not as chunky as I currently find myself now. Well, this summer I'll be  venturing off to different parts of the world and would really like be the slimmer person I once was. So that brings me to my recent effort to get fit.  . .

I started to try out jogging, but my lyme riddled joints were thumping with pain and I was finding a total lack of enjoyment in the "sport" of running, thus I abandoned that endeavor and decided to take up hiking again. An activity I've always enjoyed since I can remember; the sometimes rough and steep terrain always comes with a pay off worth all that huffing and puffing to get to. So with the help of Hiking the Hudson Valley, an excellent and entertaining website, which lists hiking trails in the Hudson Valley, I am endeavoring to hike as many of these trails as possible before the start of my big trip at the end of the summer.

So my first hike of the season was up Anthony's Nose in Cortlandt Manor, NY that led up to an overlook of the Bear Mountain Bridge. The Hiker of the Hudson Valley Mike Todd, warns of how steep the first part of the trail is and I can't help but think, wow that was an understatement. The first two thirds of the trail feels like a stair master that will never frigging end, but with dogged determination and frequent wee breaks to catch my breath I made it up to the trail sign in booth, aka the part where the trail finally levels off. After doing the customary sign in and making my way up the last hill of the hike, it was easy strolling from there to outlook of Anthony's Nose, which held before me a beautiful view of the Hudson River. After taking in the view and enjoying a small lunch I packed for myself, I took a few photos and was back on the somewhat busy trail, spotted a snake, gave him a brief little photoshoot and sauntered back to my car, thoroughly enjoying my 2.6 mile trek through a small part of the Appalachian Trail to Anthony's Nose.


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