Monday, April 8, 2013

Franny Reese State Park

Last Friday was a beautiful day to be outdoors, so on the way home from working an assignment for the Times Herald-Record in Ulster County I decided that it was finally time I stop by and visit Franny Reese State Park in Highland.

Although I didn't have much time to fully explore all the trails in the park, a leisurely hour afforded me with a breathtaking view of the Mid Hudson Bridge, the Walkway Over the Hudson and the Poughkeepsie waterfront. Eventually I'll have to make my way back when I have more time and see the other spots highlighted on the trail map which include more scenic vistas and the estate ruins. However if you love spotting ruins and only have time for the one spot, don't despair, if you keep your eyes open along the way to the first scenic outlook on the blue trail there are some ruins if you wonder about 10-20 paces off the trail. You'll come across some twisted and rusted old metal along the stone wall, and just before you venture up the stairs to the first scenic stop there's a wee landing to your right where an old rusted radiator stands, walk towards that and you'll find some more unexpected decaying landmarks.

Also on the ascent, don't forget to turn around and look behind you, although the view is mostly lined by trees, it is still an impressive view.


For more information and directions to visit Franny Reese State Park click HERE

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