Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shefield Paper Company

It seems hard to fathom that at one point the Hudson Valley was an industrial power with factories and mills all along the Hudson River Estuary and smaller rivers and creeks alike. Occasionally you can see a remnant of our past dotting the shores of the river, but sometimes you have to look a little closer. Tucked away on the shore of the Esopus lay the remains of the forgotten Sheffield Paper Company of Saugerties.

Bricks litter the ground and floors have fallen through, a shadow of what it once was, the Sheffield Paper Company is now called "The Ruins" by the local graffiti artists. Machinery lay around the former property and graffiti takes up almost every space the eye can see. It's a shame to see history cast aside, but at least part of it still stands.


For more information on the Sheffield Paper Company of Saugerties click HERE.

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