Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Wheatsworth Mill

Built by Colonel Joseph Sharp in 1808 in Hamburg, New Jersey the "Old Mill" was originally owned and operated by the Uneeda Bakers who produced the whole wheat Uneeda Biscuit. The company was later purchased by the Wheatsworth Bakery company, which was again eventually purchased in 1898 by the ever growing National Biscuit Company who by that time was primarily running out of factories located in New York City. Over time the complex grew from just one stone mill to a small complex which also shared its property with the children's fun park, Gingerbread Castle.

However the National Biscuit Company consolidated their factories and moved their headquarters to East Hanover, New Jersey where they operate from today. After closing the factory doors for good, boarding up the windows a fire had gone through the main building in the early 1990's and gutted the factory. The main original "Old Mill" still sits out by the road next to the Wallkill River slowly rotting as another harsh winter is bound to hit and take another toll on the historic mill.

You can view an old postcard of the original "Old Mill" by clicking HERE.

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