Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fear and Loathing in the Valley

When a part-time job takes over your life and makes you a miserable bitter human being more often than not, it's time to leave. Sure there were good times along the way and new friends made but when you dread going to work in fear of fellow employees either not showing up entirely or forty minutes late and, even a few times, two and a half hours late it's no longer fun and worth it especially for minimum wage.

Don't get me wrong though, I was and still am grateful for the opportunity that I was given as an employee. I got to meet some great people along the way, go to an actual concert (and found one of my new loves in life - concert photography), but when you arrive to a client and they spend a good amount of time ripping you a new one for nothing that you have control over since you were told something entirely different by your boss who never answer the phone to remedy the situation, it's just not worth it.

Not to mention when you "open the door" to a service and then have the door ripped off its hinges for no tangible return, you can't help but feeling like a cheap whore being taken advantage of.

It was that and all the little things that made me sure it was time to quit, because after all I do have several backup freelance gigs booked from December throughout July. And although I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat, but 1 B.A.+1 B.A.+Honor Societies+Dean's List+Internship shouldn't = 0 benefits part-time minimum wage job that occasionally made me want to jump off a bridge a time or two.

I'm still grateful though, which I suppose is why after my last day working for the station I couldn't have been more happy that I was leaving, but I was feeling a wee bit tearful. Throughout my nine months there, I made some great new friends that I still plan to hang out with and learned some new things across the board (if you get it, pun most definitely intended). I'm a little scared at what the future holds, but hey who isn't. I just know that I made the best decision for me.

Thank you.

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